Sex Tips for the First Timers

First time will always be the first step for learning new ideas and step up to explore. When you try to explore something new, you tend to feel nervous and curious about what it feels like. There are some people who are curious about how it feels to experience sex for the first time? Sex comes to find out of an individual feeling and experience. Different emotions and things from person to person that talks about with “sex”. Either from hook up to hook up or a serious one, there is a way to make vaginal sex more communicative, pleasurable or comfortable which fantastically great things about sex are.

Some tips were listed down below for you to be able to make the sex successful for the first time.

  • Be safe as always

This is the first thing you should consider. You are not sure of how healthy your partner is. STI’s and pregnancy during sex are common issues when you are about sex. You should prepare some protections like condoms or contraceptives.

  • Know what you want

Basically, what you really want is important. Know what you want means, if you are sure enough to do the sex thing. You must be enthusiastically prepared and ready to do the intercourse. Don’t go along with something you are not sure of. It is important to check out the progress of what you are doing. Moreover, you must know when to stop or continue. Think of how you will go on or pause for a while. Both of you must consider the flow of each other’s movement.

  • One… two… three… breathe!

That sensation you’re feeling during sex is a big part so you must enjoy it. Nervousness is a common feeling that you might experience because you are a first timer. It is important to breathe. Deep breathing is a fantastic way to let go of a distracting thought so that you will be able to go on with that sensual feelings. As you go on with that breathing, you focus also to the intimate touch of your skin to your partner’s skin. That thing called intimate touch helps you to feel the sensation even more.

  • Play the foreplay

It is the best part of sex that shouldn’t be neglected. The more aroused you are, the best sex is likely to feel. Kissing, caressing every part of the body, manual sex, fingering, oral sex and more are those kinds of foreplay you shouldn’t miss. It helps a lot for more orgasm to release before moving on to main event. The magic beyond women’s more pleasure is the clitoral stimulation. So men, you’ve got to remember that.

  • Care to pleasure

Pleasure is a drive to a better sex. Knowing how to care with the pleasure of your partner must be the number one consideration in giving good sex. Enjoy each other’s ways in pleasuring your partner. Dealing with the question of “how do you feel about it?” or “You like it even more?” and best part of making them feel the pleasure is through moaning. Feed backing is important, remember that!

There are a lot of tips for the first-timer. Moreover, there are some points that you will learn for the first time while doing your thing with your partner. You don’t need to worry if you will always put into your mind the golden rule of sex, “Be safe! ALWAYS!”

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