What Kind of Sex Is Best For Your Health?

The benefits of sex to our body is unhidden – the connection, the exercise, and the endorphins. However, not all sex is good for your body or cannot give you the ultimate pleasure you want in bed.

What is a healthy sex exactly?

In a nutshell, this involves the positive and conscious expression of your sexual energy, which improves physical health, self-esteem and emotional health.  According to Sandra L. Caron Ph.D., a professor of human sexuality and family relations in the University of Maine’s College of Education and Human Development, most healthy sex associates them in achieving orgasm.

With that, here are kinds of sex activities for a happier and healthier you:


Morning Sex

According to a research scientist, those who take part in morning sex are cheerier and healthier individuals. It acts as an immunity booster and stress reliever, which greatly contributes to the healthy glow inside you. So, if you feel quite sick, ugly, or stressed, try morning sex with your partner and reap its benefits.


The Doggy Sex

This kind of sex is believed to be good for the core, as the core is naturally tightened. It is virtually a natural response so your core gets the exercise.


Makeup Sex

If you feel tense about an argument or something, makeup sex can release that tension. It appeals to the masochistic side of the people – the emotional discomfort of a disagreement, healed through good sex. So boys or girls: if you feel your partner is tensed, remove that uncomfortable feeling with the high healing of makeup sex. He/she will appreciate and love it for sure.


Sensual Sex

Imagine those candles, full body massage, a soothing bubble bath, and a pleasant music – sensual sex is what most partners try as it releases their stress. Begin by making both your schedules clear and setting an erotic environment. Turn off the television, close off your phone, and whatever thing that will disturb you and your sweetheart from reaching a high level of intimacy. Foreplay is the main course of sensual sex. Just a small tip: be engaged and passionate,


Lotus Sex

Exercise and physical benefits are what you can get when partaking in lotus sex. However, it is not ideal for those with fainted heart, because it has tons of up and down movements for keeping the stability and balance.


Lunge sex

It is considered as the best sex for your well-being since it can help a lot on boosting your flexibility. While you are on top of your buddy, held your knees up.  Then, push back and forth as well as move up and down as you hold yourself up simultaneously.  It can help measure your balance, strength and flexibility as well.


Sometimes, sex can be a tricky to tackle with someone you truly love. Perhaps, it can be too embarrassing or shameful to discuss. Nevertheless, if you want to explore life and grow together, you have to build a good connection and trust.  Exploring what makes you comfortable in sex life isn’t a dumb thing. Engaging in a sexual activity means improving your body and health. So, try any of these and live healthier!

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